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Lucidpic transforms how you create virtual influencers with AI. Customize your virtual influencers without a camera or a studio.

AI Influencer Studio
Create custom AI virtual influencers in minutes. Choose from various settings, environments, and outfits. Create stunning virtual influencers, headshots, and more.
AI Avatars
Generate lifelike avatars from just one photo. Our AI technology creates realistic and diverse virtual influencers for any project.
Large Virtual Influencer Datasets
Access extensive datasets for larger virtual influencer projects. Contact us at [email protected] for bulk downloads and API integration.
Customizable Features
Tailor every aspect of your AI-generated virtual influencer, from the environment to the attire, ensuring each virtual influencer meets your vision.
Rapid Generation
Efficient and fast, create stunning virtual influencers in seconds. Ideal for marketing, design, and creative content.
Generative Media for Business
Looking to integrate AI-generated virtual influencers into your project? Reach out for tailored solutions to fit your business needs.

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Example AI person photo
Example AI person photo
Example AI person photo
Example AI person photo
Example AI person photo

Frequently asked questions

How does Lucidpic generate unique virtual influencers?

Lucidpic leverages advanced generative AI to craft unique, never-before-seen images of virtual influencers. These AI-generated images range from realistic full-body shots to detailed profile pictures, ensuring a wide variety of mockup possibilities.

Can I create a realistic avatar for my profile picture with Lucidpic?

Absolutely! Lucidpic's AI avatar generator enables you to create a realistic digital clone for use as a profile picture or any other personal branding. Simply select the "Upload Face" option in the Influencer Studio and follow the prompts to generate your avatar.

What customization options are available for generated images?

Our AI influencer generator offers extensive customization options, allowing you to adjust parameters like clothing, hair, style, age, and even the body type for full-body images. You can also input custom keywords to generate random, yet tailored, virtual influencers.

How can I use Lucidpic to create fake or mockup images?

Lucidpic is perfect for creating fake or mockup images for various applications, including marketing, social media, and even game development. By generating realistic virtual influencers, you can create diverse and inclusive visuals without the need for traditional photoshoots.

What are the limitations of the free tier?

The free tier allows you to generate up to 10 unique virtual influencers. Beyond that, you'll need to subscribe to a paid plan. You can cancel at any time.

What types of things can I create with the AI Influencer Generator?

You can produce unique and realistic images of virtual influencers, art, rendered characters, and anime, or anything you can imagine really! Customize elements like clothing, hair, and age, or use custom keywords to fine-tune your virtual influencer.

Where can I find my generated virtual influencers?

You can view all of the AI generated virtual influencers you've created in the Characters section of your account. All AI generated images are in the Images section

Can I use the AI virtual person builder to create digital influencers for my gaming project?

Yes! Our AI virtual person builder is an useful service for game developers looking to create unique and realistic digital influencers. It offers many customization options, including adjusting the appearance, clothing, and even the age of your virtual influencers. This flexibility is perfect for ensuring that the virtual influencers fit seamlessly into the unique world of your game.

How can the AI influencer generator be utilized for creating unique stock photography?

Our AI influencer generator is ideal for creating unique, diverse stock photography. It allows for the customization of realistic virtual influencer images, including ethnicity, age, clothing, and poses. This tool is particularly effective for producing inclusive and representative images, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional photography for stock photo creation

Can the AI influencer generator enhance YouTube thumbnails and social media content?

Yes, Lucidpic is a fantastic resource for creating eye-catching YouTube thumbnails and social media content. It allows for the design of unique virtual influencers, perfect for grabbing attention. With features like adjusting facial expressions, outfits, and backgrounds, you can craft visuals that not only enhance your brand's digital presence but also resonate more effectively with your audience.